About Algorithmic

Algorithmic is a personal web site that developed by myself, it is based on Flask, deployed on a CentOS server with Gunicorn, Nginx and Supervisor. I'd like to say thanks to two of my good friend Yigang Zhou and Ziyang Wei who taught me lot of things about Web-Dev during the development time of Algorithmic. The source code of Algorithmic has been published on my github, if you want to build your personal site as well,  welcome to refer to the code of Algorithmic. 

I'll post articles related with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and 3D animation continuously on this site. From programming project to analyzation of paper. I hope you'll enjoy here and find something that interests you.

About Me

My name is Allan. I'm a programmer currently working as a Machine Learning researcher. My research interests are Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Computer Graphics & Animation and Programming Languages. I like to get my hands dirty with everything I can. I love learning new things and engaging with new people or ideas. I believe strongly in creativity and self expression through programming. 

I obtained my Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence with distinction from the University of Southampton in 2019. Now I'm living in Chengdu, a beautiful city located in the southeast of China. I love participating in Kaggle competition, playing basketball, Yoga, cooking and reading during my off-time. 

As a young Machine Learning researcher, my dream is to improve the efficiency of the Digital Transformation of traditional industries with the help of what I learned, e.g. now I mainly aimed at facial motion capture and facial animation retargeting field. I wish I could make a contribution to domestic AAA games of China.